POTTED Plant Furniture


By making the plant an integral part of the furniture, Potted furniture transports the deep human connection to nature into the interior.
This step allows users to benefit from the different plant species and create a symbiotic relationship. The air quality is increased, the general well-being is raised and extraordinary settings are created.

Potted creates new, lively spatial situations in the blink of an eye, offering space for exchange, communication and security. The user thus communicates future orientation and interest in environmental issues, since Potted not only impresses with its possibilities of plant richness, but also produces both socially and materially sustainable.

The furniture can be placed quickly and without tools with a plug-in system around the plant without damaging it. This allows a constant change of plants, as desired.
Both curved and straight bench elements can be purchased, as well as tables and side tables.

Arc module 140 x 45 x 43 cm Pinewood, Terracotta
Straigt module  120 x 45 x 43 cm Pinewood , Terracotta
Coffee Table  ⌀ 50 x  h 45 cm Pinewood, Terracotta
Table big ⌀ 80 x  h 65 cm Pinewood, Terracotta

exhibited @
Salone del Mobile, Milano Italy

fotos: Michelle Mantel

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