Yourt Market 800


Not only because it has been sold millions of times, but probably also due to its global low price and its „banal“ design, the so-called Monobloc has, in the eyes of many designers and artists, long become a type of semi-finished material whose disdained ordinariness can, through purposeful manipulation and processing, be transformed into an attention-grabbing work. This is, however, only successful if the intervention respects the dominating characteristics of this mass product: that is, when the changes are made in such a way that the basic model can still be identified, while being “newly” defined through a material, configurative or proportional modification, thus provoking a noticeable reflection of this icon of ordinariness. This is exactly the case with the Yurt Market 800, thanks to only one, but absolutely decisive, “structural” measure: a drastic shortening of the seat. Sitting down there, you will hardly feel like getting comfortable, but maybe it will get you thinking.

5 chairs have been produced
75 x 45 x 30 cm polypropylene, resin

exhibited  @
IMM, Köln
KKAARRLLS, Milano Italy

Realised as STABIL collective
(Clemens Lauer, Max Guderian)

foto: Philip Radowitz
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