Scrap Life Project


All around the World companies are producing chairs and other objects for the design industry. In this process of injection moulding accrues a side product: Plastic waste is squeezed out of the machine while changing colors or different plastic-materials. The production of these plates only stops with the production of industrial plastic-products and due to it´s mixed up material there is no use for them than the recycling to the lowest category of plastics.
Scrap Life Project uses these waste plates: Bringing a spark of anarchy into the controlled and optimised high-tech surrounding of mass production.
The massive drops of plastic are transformed to stools in a process that could not be more different to their origin. With the help of an archaic process, steel tubes are heated and pressed into the plates. So the plates become stools and scrap comes to life.
Every stool is a completely individual characteristic object, challenging the ordinary.
Aquirable at:

exhibited @
Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe
Ambiente Fair, Frankfurt

Realised as Scrap Life collective
(Grischa Erbe, Moritz Jähde, Clemens Lauer, Max Guderian)

foto: Michelle Mantel
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